webinars are shit

Webinars Are Shit

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webinars are shit

I’ve been thinking about newsletters and the only two I read every week.

I got to thinking about them because I got one that I don’t read because every time it comes through to my mailbox, it’s another blatant piece of marketing crap wrapped up as concern or advice.

The two that I do read are at opposite ends of the spectrum. Tim Ferris’s Five Bullet Friday mail is a short, sharp jab of what the mental bastard had been up to in any given week broken down into chunks so bite sized it appears above the fold. Ferris is human Marmite. You love him or hate him, but it’s impossible to deny he puts himself through the wringer and all the Gods love a trier.

The beautiful, evil twin to Ferris’s mailshot is Warren Ellis’s weekly Orbital Operations newsletter announcing he is still alive on the Thames Delta and laughing at anyone trying to figure out how he fits so much into seven days. Every week is an update on writing projects, technology, books, music, productivity habits and comics.

I’ve been recommending those two newsletters for over a year, always wth the same pitch of one being fast and lean, the other a packed serialisation of a real life novel in progress. Both are real people doing real things. Ferris treats life as an experiment looking for the next big red button to push, and Ellis is a literary shark, always moving always creating. Seemingly unstoppable I don’t think he sleeps.

Both of them litter their messages with obligatory links to buy things, but they feel like afterthoughts to the main event rather than shitty pieces of content marketing that barely manage to say hello before it invites you to yet another webinar, the time share sales pitches of the internet age.

If you get an invite to a webinar offering you free ‘something’ delete it. It’s a sales pitch for overpriced, low-value advice you can find cheaper and better elsewhere.

If you do attend don’t get sucked into the ‘time-limited offer’ because it’s a pressure tactic designed to get you to buy. Ignore the money-back guarantees because the criteria to make that happen will suck the life from you just like it’s designed to.

Just don’t go. You can get the knowledge you need from a reputable source. Webinars are the honey ringed edge of Venus money trap.

Not convinced? Then ask this the next time you get invited to a webinar that promises to be a sure-fire successful way to do something life-challengingly amazing.

“Why is this person making money telling me how to make money instead of making money themselves?”

Webinars are shit and so are the people who use them to as a front for the overpriced shit they sell.

Unsubscribe now and save yourself.

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