Top 10 Podcast Dramas

It is impossible to walk a Border Collie too much. Buddy, the devil dog, is powered by a miniature star which means no matter how many miles we walk he is always up for more.

Conversation with the dog is limited to telling him he’s a good boy and don’t eat that. I tell him other stuff but unless there’s a treat involved he’s not interested.

Podcast Dramas are enjoyable company on a walk and thanks to a heads up from KC Wayland I’ve got hundreds of hours of them to look forward to from the BBC Sounds report of the Top 10 Podcast Dramas from the last decade.

Top 10 Podcast Dramas

  1. Welcome to Night Vale
  2. The Adventure Zone
  3. We’re Alive
  4. The Black Tapes / TANIS
  5. Hello From the Magic Tavern
  6. Limetown
  7. Alice Isn’t Dead
  8. The Bright Sessions
  9. Wolf 359
  10. The Message

I’m a big fan of We’re Alive. That series is so good it got me through twenty mile runs in Northern Irish winters back when I was training for marathons.