This was not the deal

Back at work. Half of December was spent figuring out how to make 2019 less stressful, more writey and disconnecting with the internet doom machine.

I love the internet. It’s the best non-medical invention in my lifetime but it’s a shitstorm of conflict and shouting around the social media and news sites.

I’ve had a nice holiday away from that and I’m sticking with social media and news updates once a day. And never, ever, reading the comments. It’s where sense goes to die.

My routine should have been to wake at 5 am, take the devil for a walk and be back in the chair to start writing by 8 am. Instead, I’ve been up since 3.30 and I know I’ll crash at some point. I know better than to fight it and when the mind-haze kicks in I’ll sleep for 30-90 minutes.

This week I’m reading Growth of the soil by Knut Hamsun and Lost Connections by Johann Hari. I’m on the last 20 or so lectures of Issac Rudansky’s Ultimate Google Ads course.