The More Things Change

WordPress had a major upgrade last week to version 5. The latest version makes Gutenberg, the platform’s new drag and drop editor, the default way to post and create pages.

People hate it but they’ll find another change to dislike and other than the odd grumbling about the good old days it’ll all go back to normal.

The change makes sense for the platform which has lost market share to Wix, Squarespace and other drag and drop website builders. Gutenberg is the first step in WordPress winning over the non-techie crowd but still leaving enough under the hood for tinkerers to play with.

Meanwhile, the folks at user-friendly page builders, Beaver Builder, Elementor and Divi are telling everyone that it’s fine, WordPress will always need them while piling on new features to prove their worth.

I’ll stick with simple text posts written in markdown and avoid the tepid uprisings.