The Iron Triangle of Editing

My sleep is erratic. My daytimes have slumps where I have to force myself to get up, stretch, move around and wake up as I get used to a new working routine.

Tiredness brings bad habits including arsing about on social media.

In a self-publishing Facebook group an author asked how to get a high quality editor for a low cost.

You can’t.

Every project, including publishing a book, has to abide by the Iron Triangle made up of three factors.

  • Quality
  • Time
  • Cost

Every successful project delivers a result, in a period of time, for a cost. The dream is to deliver a project that is…

  • Good
  • Fast
  • Cheap

But it’s impossible. You only get to pick two.

You can have an edit that is…

  1. Good + Fast (But expensive)
  2. Fast + Cheap (But low quality)
  3. Good + Cheap (But will take a long time)

The third option needs a professional editor prepared to take on a book for low to no pay. Unless you’re the favourite grand daughter of a retired Big 5 editor it’s not going to happen.

Your editing options are

  • Good
  • Fast
  • Cheap

Pick 2.