The Best Writing Aid

I’ve written about Buddy before. He’s a rescue dog rehoused twice before he came to us. Dog’s Trust emphasised that neither of the returns was his fault as the circumstances of each family changed. I suspect Buddy was the circumstance.

Buddy Is Always Watching You

He needs a lot of gradually increasing exercise, regular attention and reassurance that someone is always there. He’s perfect for a writing lifestyle.

I wake up and take him for a long walk. This is the best way for me to start the day. Movement, thinking time, and unconnected to the rest of the world. When we get back he patrols the house and checks everyone is ok as they get ready for the day. He has a whimper at the front window as each of the family leave but that’s lessened as he learns they are coming back.

Morning exits complete he comes up the stairs to where I work, checks I’m there and settles down to a routine of ear scratching, toy chewing, drinking, napping, and going outside every 25 minutes when I take a break. I used to allow deadlines and client demands to pressure me into missing these breaks but when the sprint timer chimes he’s a pain in the arse until he gets outside. Buddy likes routine.

Lunchtime we play fetch for a while on a local field as the rest of the family start returning home. These are joyous events at least 3 times a day. If everyone on the planet greeted each other the way a dog does advertising wouldn’t exist. This cheers me up every time.

The afternoon repeats the morning and everyone is getting used to me talking work things over with the dog who is a patient listener as long as there’s a belly rub now and again.

We wrap up the day with another walk. Because I know there’s another one a few hours away late-night Netflix or gaming binges are dying a death. Better sleep means better work and less stress.

It’s developing into a great deal. I’m exercising more, spending better time with people, less stressed and writing more. Buddy’s loving it as well. There’s always someone engaging with him all day until he ambles away to his bed in the warm kitchen for the night where he sleeps knowing he’s home.