Top 15 Movies of 2017

My Top 15 Films of 2017

Stephen Gordon Daily

I have no idea why there’s a flurry of end of year lists. Is it a way to remind ourselves that stuff happened? It gets to the end of the year, and I wish I’d a more organised way to capture everything. Better use of categories on the blog would be a start. Maybe I should make that new years resolution? …

Stephen Gordon Author Why Page Speed Matters

Page Speed Matters

Stephen Gordon Daily, Marketing

Web page designers rarely talk about page speed, and that’s a big mistake. 47% of online consumers expect a website to load in less than two seconds and any site that takes more than 3 seconds to load risks 40% of its visitors abandoning the site 79% of which will never return to your website ever again. You risk losing …

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Puzzles Can Pay for Christmas

Stephen Gordon Daily, Writing

Let history record that at 17:47hrs 25th December 2017 I promised I wouldn’t eat another thing. Well, maybe a mince pie with some tea later but that’ll be it. Probably. It’s Christmas day, and I’m surrounded by family who have all retreated to quiet places of their creation to settle. Contentment is a real thing that needs to be extended everywhere every …

No More Mobile Phone

Stephen Gordon Daily, Writing

I’m giving up my mobile phone. Straight up cold turkey, no phased withdrawal or weaning period. It’s powered down and on a window sill under a packet of post-it notes. This may be the smartest or dumbest thing I’ve ever done. I’ve been kicking this around for months. Coming up with a series of elaborate plans to cut off my …

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Writing should be like touching yourself

Stephen Gordon Weekly Update, Writing

It’s been, shit I didn’t realise, it’s been ages since I have posted, but I’ve been thinking a lot about a consistent structure for sending these out. If I am going to send out a weekly mash up of a confessional, a look behind the scenes, and a pop culture roundup then at least I can be consistent and write …

I am looking for authors to share their marketing challenges

Stephen Gordon Writing

I am looking for authors to share their marketing challenges and give feedback on presentations to answer those questions. At the end of July, I am launching Invincible Writer, an internet marketing service for authors. To help start Invincible Writer, I am creating a series of webinars that show authors how to sell more books using landing pages, mailing lists …

Quick and Dirty Guide to Paid Traffic for Authors

Stephen Gordon Daily, Writing

Place a Google and Facebook tracking pixel on your website (if you don’t already have one). Identify the dominant Amazon genre of your book. Research the target audience of the genre. Map genre conventions and audience expectations to themes, characters, settings, and actions in the book. Create a grouped set of keywords your target audience will use to search for …

My dog is a hundred years old

Stephen Gordon Daily

My dog is a hundred years old. It’s weird because last month she was sleek, fast, and smart enough to know where I was going before I did and now she’s old. Not old in a feisty Estelle Getty in every role she ever played old but the shit deteriorating kind that’s left her incontinent, absent-minded, and struggling to stand …

Almost a list of books on writing

Stephen Gordon Daily

What didn’t feel good about today and how to avoid it tomorrow? Pain in my arm crept up to my shoulder for a restless night that got me out of bed for the day at 4 am. I hate getting old. I hate feeling that I’m getting old, but it’s a temporary state that’ll pass. The feeling that is not …