I am looking for authors to share their marketing challenges

I am looking for authors to share their marketing challenges and give feedback on presentations to answer those questions.

At the end of July, I am launching Invincible Writer, an internet marketing service for authors. To help start Invincible Writer, I am creating a series of webinars that show authors how to sell more books using landing pages, mailing lists and paid adverts on Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

These webinars are not a peak behind the curtain followed by a succession of emails asking for $$$$ to see the rest. I am going to run webinars on how to do it all and give authors the choice of doing it themselves or paying me to do it for them.

Some writers will come for the training and use it to run their book selling campaigns. Others will attend the webinar, see the amount of work involved and buy the service to free up time to write more books or focus on another aspect of promotion. A mixture of both will advertise the service and bring a steady, manageable stream of clients.

It does not matter if you are working on a first draft or have a library of books published. Everyone is welcome to join the group, ask questions, and let me know what should be in the webinar presentations to sell more books. If you would like to volunteer jump into the private group below, and we will get started.


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