Day 62 – Life Stuff

Life has a way of kicking over the tables and stamping the pieces on the floor. Life stuff happened in the past few weeks. Big distracting life stuff that demanded attention, thinking time and choices. It all started the day after I made the grand announcement about heads down 8-week sprints because fuck it the universe needs a laugh as well.

Everything that needed to be done has been done, and more stuff will need doing, but the initial chaos has been processed. Someone will ask me about what messed up my first sprint at a panel or the bar afterwards, and the answer will sound like a Harold Lloyd sketch. Onwards and upwards.


Publish The Ultimate Salon Marketing Course by 19th Apr 19

I’m messing about with the blog layout to make the current sprint the top goal. It’ll look ugly but it’s Sunday night, and there’s time to get something that flows better in the weeks to come.

Progress made today

None. I’m sticking to the rules of the sprints. Set hours every day and weekends off.

Lessons Learned

Lose the phone at the weekends. Let the family know to ring the landline if they need me, switch to paperbacks or the first generation Kindle for reading. Stay off the web, the news brings me down and spending uninterrupted time with loved ones feels deeply satisfying as does Alexa playing every track that pops into my head. (I made her play Sigue Sigue Sputnik 3 times because the pronunciation made me laugh)

Tomorrow’s Plan

  • 5am. Get up and work on the course until the Taxi of Dad is needed to get the Kinder to an early shift.
  • 7am. Walk but not for much longer. Running training starts soon.
  • 8.30am. Shower, dress, breakfast
  • 9am. Back to work on the second module on how to build a one-page website. This could take minutes, but it’s a natural point to get the basics right and build the foundations for a light, fast, analysed website. Too many people, me included, are guilty of throwing up a website with the intention of making it better later, except we don’t and we wonder why it’s not doing what we need it to do. The end result will be one page ‘coming soon’ website but under the hood will be supercharged.
  • 12.30pm. Lunch
  • 1pm. More course work.
  • 3pm. Client work
  • 5pm. End of day routine
  • 5.30pm. Stop. Just stop. No hanging on to see if I get an answer because the work and the world will still be there the next day. Go and make dinner with NotOnTwitter, read, listen to music, play with the dog or free write in a notebook. Go outside!

Active Goals

Goal – Weekends off and 6 Weeks Holiday

Progress made today

This is the first true weekend I took off in a looonnnng time, and it feels great. So much so I’m thinking of making Friday afternoons the time when I do my prep for the next week and keep Sundays 100% offline. Nope, not thinking about it, done. I’ll write these on Fridays and schedule to publish on Sundays or something like that.

Lessons Learned

Time off is important and not in that lip service way. I’m so chilled out.

Tomorrow’s Plan

Finish at 5.30pm No matter what.

Goal 4 – Finish Dec 19 Portsmouth Marathon

Progress made today

Worked out my dates today. The Portsmouth Marathon is 42 weeks away. – 8 Weeks of 5k training – 30 Weeks of Marathon Training – 3 Weeks flex for injuries or illness Which gives me 2 weeks to get ready for the switch from early morning walks to early morning runs.

Lessons Learned

It’s easier to write about running than to do any.

Tomorrow’s Plan

I need new trainers, and at long last UK, Gear has PT–1000’s back in stock. Order tomorrow just in time for the start of the running schedule.

Goal 5 – Read 24 Books

  • Reading Promised Land by Robert B. Parker
  • Listening to The Alter Ego Effect by Todd Herman.

Progress made today

I’ve allowed my reading to fragment and splinter over too many different books and just like work I don’t multi-task well. I’m ok with an audiobook for walks/runs and text for the house but not more than one of each at any time.

Lessons Learned

One book at a time.

Tomorrow’s Plan

  • Carry on reading Promised Land by Robert B. Parker
  • Keep listening to The Alter Ego Effect by Todd Herman. Most self-help books are shit. Herman’s Alter Ego Effect is a practical guide to dealing with imposter syndrome. Could have been half as short with some diligent editing but I recommend it for any creative.

Finished Books

  • The Penelopiad by Margaret Atwood
  • The Road by Cormac McCarthy.
  • A Hero of Our Time by Mikhail Lermontov
  • Post Office by Charles Bukowski
  • Growth of the Soil by Knut Hamsun
  • Metro 2033 by Dmitry Glukhovsky
  • The One Thing by Gary Keller
  • Ask the Dust by John Fante

Goal – Complete 12 Marketing Courses

Progress made today


Lessons Learned

I need to figure out where learning time fits in my day.

Tomorrow’s Plan

Look at your schedule for 30 minutes of learning time every day. One course at a time.

In Progress

  • Landing Page Design & Conversion Rate Optimization by Issac Rudansky
  • No Fear Funnels by Dave Foy


  • Ultimate Google Ads 2018 by Issac Rudansky

Project Hopper

This is what will feed the next 8-week sprint.

Goal – Sell 20,000 Novels

This is where I’m struggling the most. NOT working on the books but I’ve committed to 8 weeks sprints, and that means novels will get their turn as well. I’d make them first, but bills have got to be paid.