Day 29 – Enough is Enough

Providing more value to fewer clients for less stress is the way ahead.

I’ve spent so long on busy work for not a lot of money that I’ve got used to it. What killed me was I allowed clients to make their issues my problems to fix for free.

  • Shite website (harsh but true)
  • Lack of Budget (“I can’t spend more than $5 a day on Ads, but you’ll get me 4-5 x $350 bookings every day right?)
  • “The ads have been running for nearly two days where are my results?”
  • “I don’t have time to help you with the creative brief. Isn’t that what I pay you for?”
  • etc

This isn’t a moan about clients. I was cool with all that work when I was starting out. It was a badge of honour that I ran successful campaigns for little to no ad spend. Until I couldn’t.

What the client saved in ad spend I made up for with my time. That was ok at the start, but I reached a saturation point, and the work suffered. I lost my appetite to take on low pay/long hours, stopped enjoying it and that showed in the results.

I freelance so I can write novels except I’m not getting a lot of writing time because my lack of clarity on my services is confusing me as much as clients. Prospects came to me to solve a problem. I took on too much for too little money and dug myself into a hole of zero fun & satisfaction. That’s my fault, not theirs.

To get out of the hole, I’m writing my service catalogue that lays out what I do and for how much money. This first draft is for me, to set boundaries of what I need to pitch in my own sales funnels to get more clients.

Fixed Fee Lead Clients

Fixed fee lead clients pay a set price at the start of the month plus their ad spend to Google and Facebook. These services are included in your monthly fee (this applies to direct and white label clients)

  • Creative Brief (updated monthly)
  • Google Ads Management
  • Facebook Ads Management
  • 24×7 Online reporting
  • Monthly Account Management Call
  • Email support

Your fixed fee is based on your ad spend. The more you spend on ads, the higher your monthly management fee.

  • $299 – Upto $2,999 monthly ad spend
  • $499 – Upto $4,999 monthly ad spend
  • $750 – Up to $9,999 monthly ad spend
  • $1000 – Upto $20,000 monthly ad spend

The following services are available to fixed fee lead clients at additional cost on a case by case basis.

  • Landing Page Design & Build
  • Website Design & Build
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social Media Management
  • Blog posts
  • Images for ads
  • Videos for ads

Pay Per Lead Clients

Pay Per Lead clients do not pay for anything other than leads. All services are included in the monthly bill for captured leads.

Price per lead is agreed before the campaign begins and is based on the amount of information to be gathered, the size of the target audience, and amount of competition.

Capturing an email address from a potential audience of hundreds of millions in a low competition environment will be a lower cost per lead than gathering many details from a specialist audience in a highly competitive environment.

I’ll pick 2-3 niches with good spend in them and translate the service catalogue into the niche’s language on landing pages. I’ll send targeted cold traffic to lead magnets that filter out the tire kickers leaving those who engage with the offer and book an initial consultation. That should feed the Fixed Leads Service Funnel to bring me steady work and steady income for less stress.

I’m trying out the pay per lead service with a current fixed fee client. It’s a UK and Ireland wide campaign, decent sized target audience with an ok amount of info to be gathered. It’s got healthy margins for the client, so the price per lead starts at £50 each. Lots of work but lots of potential as well. Done right I can use the fixed fee service to identify potential Pay Per Lead clients.

And the novel I’m resetting my life around?

“A teenage soldier is the Galaxy’s only hope for salvation from the brutal Alien Empire that trained her.”

How does that sound?