3am updates are a bad idea

There’s nothing better waking at 3am and making updates to a new page builder you don’t fully understand. Reset and I’m going back to bed.

Top 10 Podcast Dramas

It is impossible to walk a Border Collie too much. Buddy, the devil dog, is powered by a miniature star which means no matter how many miles we walk he is always up for more.

Conversation with the dog is limited to telling him he’s a good boy and don’t eat that. I tell him other stuff but unless there’s a treat involved he’s not interested.

Podcast Dramas are enjoyable company on a walk and thanks to a heads up from KC Wayland I’ve got hundreds of hours of them to look forward to from the BBC Sounds report of the Top 10 Podcast Dramas from the last decade.

Top 10 Podcast Dramas

  1. Welcome to Night Vale
  2. The Adventure Zone
  3. We’re Alive
  4. The Black Tapes / TANIS
  5. Hello From the Magic Tavern
  6. Limetown
  7. Alice Isn’t Dead
  8. The Bright Sessions
  9. Wolf 359
  10. The Message

I’m a big fan of We’re Alive. That series is so good it got me through twenty mile runs in Northern Irish winters back when I was training for marathons.

Book Marketing Sums

Here are some book marketing sums to depress you.

Only 3% of visitors to a webpage take any action.

For every hundred visitors to your book page on your website, Amazon, Apple, where ever, only three visitors buy the book. Maybe.

With an average of $0.27 per click on Facebook Ads those 100 clicks to sell three books cost you $27 and earned you $6 in royalties.

That’s a $4.50 loss on every book sold.

Virality is key. You want positive comments of your book to be circulated rapidly and widely for free from one Internet user to another.

Maybe put a picture of a pratfalling cat on the cover?

The More Things Change

WordPress had a major upgrade last week to version 5. The latest version makes Gutenberg, the platform’s new drag and drop editor, the default way to post and create pages.

People hate it but they’ll find another change to dislike and other than the odd grumbling about the good old days it’ll all go back to normal.

The change makes sense for the platform which has lost market share to Wix, Squarespace and other drag and drop website builders. Gutenberg is the first step in WordPress winning over the non-techie crowd but still leaving enough under the hood for tinkerers to play with.

Meanwhile, the folks at user-friendly page builders, Beaver Builder, Elementor and Divi are telling everyone that it’s fine, WordPress will always need them while piling on new features to prove their worth.

I’ll stick with simple text posts written in markdown and avoid the tepid uprisings.

Clearing The Decks

Gary Keller’s Book ‘The One Thing’ wants me to ask the same question every morning when I get up.

What is the one thing I can do today such as by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary.

It’s forced me to look at all my work and see how wasteful I’ve been.

I’m looking through my manuscripts, book ideas, inbox, messages, requests, client lists, projects, processes, tasks and I’m asking these two questions.

  • Will doing this write or sell my books?
  • Will doing this increase my profits?

Where the answer is no I’m deleting. No ifs, no buts, no coconuts. No hedging, or archiving. Gone.


Small, Light and Fast

I’ve been looking at my website the last 12 months thinking what was I thinking? 

I don’t have an eye for design. I can’t draw and my kids looked funny when I dressed them. The old website looked awful. 

I was using X from Theme Co. It’s powerful, packed with features and all faults of the old website were mine and not the theme. I’ve switched to Oxygen Builder. It has a smaller code foot print, ideal for text focused sites and it’s fast, really fast.

Site speed counts. Any page that takes more than 3 seconds to load loses 40% of its visitors and after all the work I’ll do to get you here I don’t want to lose you because of slow loading.

Dull, dull, dull but the first posts are where to get the housekeeping out of the way and let me see where tweaks are needed.

We’ll get to the books, writing, and other stuff soon.