An Overwhelming Tide of Chaos Is Coming to Kill Us All

It’s not but it’s felt that way for a while. Something no one tells you when you leave your 9 to 5 office job is that you have to do everything. And there’s nowhere to hide.

I’d be awesome at a 9 to 5 job now because it’s the easiest thing in the world. Someone, at the top decides what the big goal is.


And that filters down through Group Presidents, Vice Presidents, Directors, Regional Managers, Managers, Supervisors and on and on. Each one taking the goal from the person above, adding their own extra goals and details until the time it gets to you it’s a fraction. It’s an alcove of activity I never realised the simplicity of until now. Or maybe I did and worried too much.

Lot’s of goals split into multiple tasks spread across hundreds, thousands and hundreds of thousands of people. Easy.

Now it’s hundreds of thousands of tasks piled onto one person (me) and for a while, I’ve felt like giving up my day job to write full time was the single worst thing I did ever. Until today.

I never expected making a living from writing to be easy but I didn’t realise how much I had to learn (A Creative Writing degree DOES NOT teach or adequately prepare you to write a novel). The only thing I’ve definitely learned is that there is a very real possibility that I’ll never make a living out of writing books. And that’s ok.

It’s ok because I’ve developed a side gig of internet marketing that takes care of shelter, food, heat, light and internet access. It got better today because I joined these dots.

Ideas > Goals > Projects > Tasks > Clippings > Dead

From the top down an idea becomes a Goal, a Project, a Task, a Clipping or it dies.

Every day I pile up post-it notes, emails, web links, articles, clippings and notebook entries that grow over time and don’t go anywhere. Unlike my old day job these cover EVERYTHING

  • New idea for a book
  • Car Tax
  • Business Bank account
  • Renew Grammarly
  • 2019 forecast
  • Create Novel Marketing plan
  • Buy new shoes Update Ad Scripts
  • Draw new sales funnels
  • New page builder options
  • A broadcasting radio station no admits to owning

That’s the last 20 seconds and I know my life isn’t any different to anyone else. I’m just a slow adjuster to the responsibility for creating money instead of someone else handing it to me. When I stopped having a job I got caught up in the chaos and forgot the basics.

Ideas become goals, projects, tasks, clippings or dead.

Throughout the day I write things down that occur to me. Today I went through them all and asked

  • Does this belong to a current goal, project, task, or the clipping folder?
  • Is this a new goal, project, or task?

When the answer was yes added the idea to the right place. When it was no I scrapped it, gone, never to annoy me again. I’m still not finished but the clarity and stress relief this has brought me feels like the tide is going out. Tomorrow I’m going to clear all the ideas and look trhough my goals, projects and tasks.

  • What can I do in 2019 towards my long term goals
  • What projects (with start and end dates) do I need for the 2019 work?
  • What tasks have to be completed to complete those projects?
  • What’s big and flexible enough to have a massive clippings folder I can get anytime I want?