Almost a list of books on writing

What didn’t feel good about today and how to avoid it tomorrow?

Pain in my arm crept up to my shoulder for a restless night that got me out of bed for the day at 4 am. I hate getting old. I hate feeling that I’m getting old, but it’s a temporary state that’ll pass. The feeling that is not the actual getting old part, that shit’s happening whether I want it to or not but if Clooney can rock it regardless who am I to go against the grain.

Experiments with pain relief, muscle relaxers and a Raspberry Magnum have me drowsy and counting down the hours to bed.

And Springwatch is on. I fucking love Springwatch.

What felt good about today and how to repeat it tomorrow?

It’s a few days until my dictation software arrives and sleep deprivation garbaged up my word count, so I retreated to technical tinkering on the new website with Fear of the Walking Dead playing as an ambient background.

The secret to good tinkering is to go for the most unnecessarily overpowered option possible. A way to share what books have influenced and improved my writing. Something simple that when clicked took visitors to the Amazon page for their country. What I installed and configured was a fully functional e-commerce store.

The Books On Writing page is a work in progress, but the engine underneath is Woocommerce running on WordPress with intelligent hyperlinks from Booklinker that know which Amazon store you use based on location.

Building this stuff with no pressure with time to try out different scenarios is calm, relaxing and a solid foundation for good user experience and increasing traffic to the site.