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It’s Sunday night and usually, the time I get my evening journal sorted out but seeing as I’m giving up reclusion I thought I’d write a short blog post instead.


I’ve finally figured out that the best way to get to a healthy weight and feel fit is to eat and exercise sensibly. Not a ground breaking revelation but I can be slow to get around to these things and like 90% of the rest of the planet I was looking for a quick, easy fix. I’m introducing some changes over the next few weeks so expect more startling revelations like ‘sugar is bad for you,’ or ‘drinking water stops your pee being dark and smelly’. It’ll be like watching your friends child take its first steps when you’ve got rebellious teens at home.


There was a vote this week in the UK, and I suffered from occasional bouts of being a dick in the run up to it. I’m a fan of all things European but got sucked into the adversarial aspect of it and painted everyone in the leave camp as stand-ins for the most odious members of the campaign.

Normal service has resumed now that the whole thing is done, and I’m draining remaining blood thirst by storing all my frustration into a special blue glass medicine bottle that I can uncork in the event of meeting a non-contributing zero who thinks they’ve been empowered to radiate their racism. Hopefully, they’ll now be back in front of daytime TV, drinking cheap larger and thinking up new ways to avoid getting that job they fought so hard to keep away from foreigners.

And that’s the last time I break the Golden Rule. No sex, religion or politics. Sorry for being a dick.

The antidote to my dark political other half has been a weekend of Jo Bakers, A Country Road, A Tree, a fictional / factional? account of the writer Samuel Beckett during the second world war. I’m only a third of the way through and not rushing a review of it until done, but it’s the first book in a long time that’s quietly disrupting my schedule with no resistance from me. It’s also perfect to bring me down from the charade of the past few weeks of hype, spin, and venom with a thoughtful, careful dissection of one of Ireland’s most influential writers and the people around him.


My personal admin has fallen apart the last two months. I’ve been literally, metaphorically and mentally cluttered. No sense of chronology or prioritisation and constantly in reaction mode. I hit rock bottom when I accepted that an hour spent crafting the perfect retort on Facebook was worth more than looking after myself, reading, writing or doing some client work.

The upside is that I’m feeling cleansed of it all now I’ve accepted that ‘combative dickishness’ it not my natural state.

I spent Friday cleaning and organising the office, Saturday capturing everything into one place and building the first pass at a plan to get it all done. Today? Today is recovery time, switch off time, being human time.

And that’s the moral of this post. We all need downtime and Sunday’s are entire perfect days for it. #switchoffsundays

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