Hashtag Switch Off Sundays

It’s Sunday night and usually, the time I get my evening journal sorted out but seeing as I’m giving up reclusion I thought I’d write a short blog post instead. Healthy I’ve finally figured out that the best way to get to a healthy weight and feel fit is to eat and exercise sensibly. Not a ground breaking revelation but …

What are shadows made of

What are shadows made of?

I’m going to put a copy of this on my phone for the next time I get asked ‘where do you get your ideas from?’

Tell Sisyphus I said Hi

Tell Sisyphus I said Hi

The sun is still shining on the east coast of the Emerald Isle, and if you think I’m obsessing about the weather, it’s because we are a hardy people and are wondering why the big burning thing in the sky is hanging around and what it wants. It claims to share heat, light, and energy but what is it really …

It's too bloody hot

It’s too bloody hot

It’s too bloody hot. At least it was last night when I was trying to sleep, but it was glorious all day today and once my winter hardened attitude makes the adjustment I’ll sleep like a baby and dig out those short shorts. I won’t wear them just have them on stand-by as a blanket threat to anyone or anything …

I need to keep my mouth shut

I need to keep my mouth shut

Summer arrived in Larne yesterday. This is a big deal because our natural state is rain. We don’t just get green fields, hedges and trees everywhere we have to work at it and by work at it I mean adjust our DNA to adapt for a lot of rain. There is no mystery about Atlantis. It is here and renamed …