Stephen Gordon House SmallStephen Gordon is the Amazon Top 5 writer of the short stories Spoonful, Nick, and Show him your Cross. His first Young Adult novel, Constance and the Sum of All Things, is due for release in 2017.

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The Stephen Gordon Show is a weekly podcast about writing, marketing and felling happy and productive.

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Join me and hundreds of others on my weekly podcast where I (and guests) talk about writing, marketing, staying happy and being productive.

Subscribers will get advance notice of shows, an exclusive behind the scenes look at writing and podcasting for a living and exclusive content not seen anywhere else (The weekly e-mails will have the ideas I’m kicking around for projects and it’s a chance to get an early look if I headed for a tinfoil hat).

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No Thanks I’m already as healthy, happy and stress free as can be!

Behind the Scenes

Writing, podcasting, and building relationships with an audience should, and does, take a lot of work. The list below shares my writing process, how I get stuff done each week and the measures to check how I’m doing.

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